Other States

Leaders in other Southern states are meeting the challenges posed by changing flood plains and development needs head on.

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South Carolina’s Office of Resilience

In 2020, South Carolina created an Office of Resilience, a Disaster Relief and Resilience Reserve Fund, and a Resilience Revolving Loan Fund. The Resilience Office manages these funds to provide disaster relief and financial resources to resilience and flood mitigation efforts in communities. The office also oversees a statewide flood resilience plan.

Texas’ Flood Infrastructure Fund

Texas voters approved the Flood Infrastructure Flood in 2019, which provides 0% interest loans and grants to communities for flood control, flood mitigation, and drainage projects.

Florida’s Chief Resilience Officer and Florida Resilience Trust Fund

In 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida created a Chief Resilience Officer in the Office of the Governor to coordinate resilience planning among relevant agencies and signed a bill to create the Florida Resilience Trust Fund.