Fast Facts

Tennessee suffers an average of $243 million in damages from flooding each year (TACIR) and
the First Street Foundation Estimates that 395,208 homes, businesses, churches, and public properties are at risk every time it rains, impacting all corners of the state.

From 2000-2020, Tennessee suffered 2,825 flood events, meaning floods have occurred in our state more than once every three days. (TEMA)

Of the Top 15 most susceptible counties to flooding, 8 are Economically At-Risk, 2 are Economically Distressed, and 3 have no FEMA approved hazard mitigation plan

29 people have died because of flooding in Tennessee in 2021 alone.

Tennessee has 10 communities not participating in the National Flood Insurance Program including Houston and Humphreys counties, two of the areas hardest hit in the August 2021 floods.